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Vredesfonds Ieper


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De uitreiiking van de Vredesprijs 2020 stond gepland op 11 november. Het is voor de Campaign to stop Killer Robots omwille van Covid - 19 niet mogelijk iemand namens de stuurgroep van de organisatie naar Ieper te sturen om de prijs in ontvangst te nemen. Zie hieronder het bericht dat Mary Wareham hierover stuurde. De uitreiking van de rpijs wordt waarschijnlijk met een jaar uitgesteld tot 11 november 2021.

Hi Filip,

Just wanted to get back to you as promised concerning the prize presentation and events for the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.

The Campaign’s Outreach Manager Isabelle Jones and I have been looking all week into who could represent the Campaign in Ypres this November.

Unfortunately for the Campaign’s staff members to come there from Geneva it depends on the canton’s Covid status, which is currently worsening. At present, we understand that anyone entering Belgium must complete an entry form detailing the Covide status of where they are travelling from. If you are recognized a risk coming from a red zone then Belgian authorities require you to self-isolate for approx. 10 days and be tested/seen by a doctor.

Similarly, I am unable to get a Steering Committee representative there, even from the Netherlands or UK due to similar travel and quarantine concerns.

In summary, the pandemic has turned travel into a much more complex undertaking that can result in it taking 2 weeks to arrive at your destination. This means the only Campaign representative who could receive the prize in November is Merel Selleslach from Pax Christ Vlaanderen.

I wanted to check what you’d like to do before seeing if Merel is willing to accept the prize for the Campaign. We are so disappointed that it is not possible to fully participate in the events you had planned. We are stepping up our youth engagement and have excellent speakers.

Let me know what you would like to do. I am sorry not to have better news.